Test & Tag and Thermal Imaging

Test & Tag

Test & Tag

Test and Tag is the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances by visually inspecting them and then electrically testing it with a portable appliance tester.

Equipment in a workplace is tested to ensure the safety of the people working and coming into contact with the appliance.

Who needs to test and tag?

Industries such as construction, mining and demolition are required to have their appliances tested and tagged every three months.

In Queensland, employers have a duty of care under Workplace Health and Safety requirements to ensure the safety of their employees so employers are required to have all portable electrical appliances tested every 12 months.

Anytime Cairns Electrical has competent technicians who can carefully inspect each appliance for damage to cords, connection, guards, covers and plugs.

Test and Tag is the best way to identify potentially dangerous electrical appliances.

We have up-to-date portable appliance testers which can provide you with an electronic register of all your appliances showing their test results.


Thermal Images

Thermal images can be used as a preventative maintenance program which provides accurate scans and pictures using infra-red technology.

This information can be used to produce a detailed diagnostic of your electrical assets.

It can help identify potential failures before they occur, gives a better insight into your fire risk and can help you identify problems which may pose a risk to electrical safety and OH&S.